APITable Open-Source Community Edition: Team collaboration capabilities are fully unlocked

A new version of APITable Open-Source Community Edition has been released. Team collaboration capabilities are unlocked.

Last month we hastily released the open-source APITable Community Edition, and the market response has far exceeded our expectations, with nearly 8000 stars on GitHub so far. At the same time, many community users have given us similar feedback, that is, the APITable Community Edition can’t collaborate with their partners, and they can’t really enjoy the coolness and performance improvement of the multi-person real-time collaborative visual database.

Therefore, this release focuses on addressing the basic capabilities related to multi-person collaboration, including but not limited to:

  • Support registration by email
  • Support to change password
  • Support reset password
  • Support to invite others to join the Space by email
  • Support inviting others to join the Space by invitation link

Let’s take a look at the updates that have received the most attention from developers.

Support registration by email

You can now use email to register and log in to APITable, further improving the account system.

apitable open-source

Support to change password

In “Settings,” you can receive a verification code via the registered email and change the password you previously set.

apitable open-source

Support reset password

If you forget your password, you can receive a verification code via the registered email, reset your password, and log in.

apitable open-source

Support to invite others to join the Space by email

You can now invite others to collaborate with you in your workspace in multiple ways. One way is to add the other person’s email address and send an invitation email.

apitable open-source

After the recipient clicks the link in the email, they can enter your workspace and collaborate synchronously.


Support inviting others to join the Space by invitation link

You can also generate a public link and send it to your colleagues. Clicking on the link takes them to the page to join your workspace.

 public link

Version release details

The most eye-catching feature in this version update is undoubtedly the points mentioned above. But our development team has done a lot of work, including but not limited to feature updates and enhancements, bug fixes, etc. Click to view the version release details.

What’s next for APITable: APITable Roadmap

Many of you are very interested in knowing the future feature plan of the APITable Open-Source Community Edition and Cloud Edition, so we have seamlessly embedded and made public the product roadmap built on APITable through our highlight feature “Embed” on the official website.

Currently planned until the first half of 2023, you are welcome to learn about.

apitable roadmap

The specific location of the product roadmap is at the bottom of the official website. Please feel free to pay attention:

If you have any questions or suggestions about APITable, please contact us on Github / Discord / Twitter, or go to for more information.