How to migrate data from Airtable to APITable in one click

The move from Airtable to APITable is effortless, saving you time and ensuring a smooth process.

It is very important to choose the right software tools because once you begin to use them, it is almost impossible to switch to another tool, regardless of how much education the team members receive.Data migrate is a scary thing.

However, you don’t have to worry about data migration when you consider switching from Airtable to APITable. Not only because the interface and usage habits are similar, but also because APITable offers a seamless migration experience for users who transfer their data from Airtable to APITable.

With just one click, you can effortlessly move all of your information from Airtable to APITable, saving you time and ensuring a smooth transition. This unique feature eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors, making it easy for you to switch to APITable and take advantage of its advanced features.

Here, we will outline the general workflow and the steps that should be taken to ensure this process runs smoothly.

What you need

  • An APITable account
  • Widget in APITable: Import Data from Airtable
  • An Airtable account

Step-by-step guide

1. Install the widget

Log in to your APITable account,open widget center and click the widget 「Import Data from Airtable」.

migrate data from Airtable

2. Open the widget

Open the widget, You will find that you need to fill in the API key, base ID, table ID and view ID (optional) of your Airtable account. As a next step, we will do the following.


3. Get Airtable Credentials

Retrieve API Key

You can look through Airtable’s official documentation or click to this website Airtable Account to directly get it.

Retrieve base ID , Table ID and View ID

Base ID, Table ID and View ID (optional) can usually be obtained from the Airtable link.

4. Run the widget

After filling in the corresponding parameters, run the widget to migrate data easily.

Common problems

In the process of data migration, you may encounter the following common problems:

1. Authentication failed

If you receive the following error messages while running the widget:

  • unauthorized, invalid authentication token
  • authentication_required

It means that you provide invalid API key. The solution is to check if the API key used is the same as the API key provided on the Airtable Account page.

2. Permission issues

If you receive the following error messages while running the widget:

  • invalid_permissions
  • Invalid_permissions (field or table operation limits)

It means that you don’t have related permission to import data. The solution is to check if your account is configured with all permissions needed to import the table.

3. Data souce problems

If you receive the following error messages while running the widget:

  • TABLE NOT FOUND:Could not find table tblxxxxxxxx in application appxxxxxxxx

It means that corresponding base, table or view are not found. The solution is to check if the base ID, view ID, table ID used are correct.

4. Field types supported for importing

Not all field types are supported for migration.

There are only slight differences between most of the field types in APITable and Airtable. Before importing the data, you have the option of changing the field type. These fields can be modified in Airtable and imported into APITable as text or number.

In APITAble, the following Airtable field types will not be imported:

  • Formula
  • User
  • Lookup
  • Rollup

In contrast, the following Airtable field types will be imported:

  • Attachment
  • Single line text
  • Long text
  • Multiple select
  • Number
  • Rating.Default rating symbol is star.
  • Checkbox
  • Date.Default format is ‘YYYY/MM/DD’
  • URL
  • Currency
  • Percent, with retained 2 decimal places.
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Single select

Bottom Line

The one-click migration from Airtable to APITable offers a fast, easy, and reliable way to transfer your data, so you can get up and running on APITable in no time.

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