Announcing APITable Cloud

Announcing APITable Cloud

We’re offering APITable Cloud as a service! 🎉

Since we launched APITable open-source project on December 25, 2022, we have received a lot of support and enthusiastic feedback from many users. At the same time, APITable has risen to the GitHub Trending list several times and gained over 6,500 GitHub stars in just 7 weeks.

For users accustomed to managing data on their own servers, the self-hosted edition of APITable is undoubtedly the best Airtable alternative, and they are willing to pay at least $10,000 a year in cloud services or hosting expenses to install APITable on their servers, believing it to be worth the cost.

However, for users who desire to minimize operational and maintenance efforts, APITable Cloud is even more appealing. With APITable Cloud, you don’t have to worry about local hardware and network infrastructure limitations, incur lower costs of usage, freeing up your team to concentrate on business growth. That’s why we are proud to introduce APITable Cloud, enabling you to effortlessly access no-code database technology with just a few clicks.

A new choice: empower a billion+ people with technological capabilities

But we want to say that APITable is not a follower of Airtable.

The mission of APITable is to empower a billion+ people with technological capabilities by providing a powerful but easy-to-use tool that is open source for everyone. By using APITable, every individual, team, and company should be able to access and manipulate databases and data in ways never possible before, helping people save countless hours every day.

We hope to offer a completely new choice in the no-code database field: more flexible and more open, including:

1. We have redefined the product UI structure, removed the concept of “base”, created a data-flow-friendly directory tree structure, and removed the limitations of base for data.

2. We have created the ability to embed anywhere, from web pages and CRMs to internal systems, making it look like your own product and supporting real-time editing.

3. We have placed the API panel entry in a prominent place so that it can be summoned easily with just a click, which enables agile development and customizable connections.

APITable Cloud

4. We offer multiple language options, including English and Chinese, with additional languages such as Spanish, Japanese, and French coming soon. By breaking down language barriers, multilingual support helps build bridges to global opportunities.

5. Last but not least, we have open-sourced the code of APITable, putting APITable in front of outstanding developers all over the world, always under scrutiny and evolving. These parts of evolution will all be open to everyone.

Growth with APITable Cloud

If you need a no-code database that can be installed on your own server to ensure data security or meet strict privacy requirements, we recommend the open-source Community Edition. Based on strict privacy requirements, if you have higher-level requirements for data usage, we recommend that you adopt the self-hosted mode while subscribing to our Enterprise Plan, to gain more powerful enterprise-level features and 1-to-1 exclusive support and services from a dedicated account manager.

However, the open-source edition may not be suitable for everyone, and this is why APITable offers various options. Offering a variety of service options is one demonstration of high-quality service.

If you’re a small company looking to keep things simple, you can start with APITable Cloud. This will reduce maintenance costs and eliminate local hardware and network infrastructure restrictions. You can start using it from the free subscription plan with the lowest cost and collaborate in real-time online with your team through this edition, helping you manage company and project data more easily and effectively. As you grow, you can choose more advanced subscription plans on your own (visit for more information).

Special Gift

For early adopters, we are offering special early bird pricing. Subscribe to APITable before March 7 and enjoy a 50% discount.

APITable, as a powerful and flexible no-code database, can be applied in various industries and scenarios, especially in project management, marketing, and CRM. No matter which edition you choose, APITable always helps you create the perfect data and collaboration management workflow that fits your business needs, increasing your work efficiency and growing with your organization and enterprise.

In addition, we also provide a wealth of product usage assistance. You can also join the APITable discord community and communicate with our staff, developers, and enthusiasts. You can further understand our product planning through our Roadmap.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time early bird discount and the chance to become one of the first users of APITable. Visit for more information!

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