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Our mission

APITable's mission is to empower a billion+ people with technological capabilities by providing a powerful but easy-to-use tool that is open source for everyone.

By using APITable, every individual, team, and company should be able to access and manipulate databases and data in ways never possible before, helping people save countless hours every day.


Dec. 2022

It's here!🎉 APITable's first open-sourced version is live on GitHub.

Feb. 2023

Announcing APITable Cloud! 🥳

Stay tuned…
Aug. 2019

Write the first line of APITable code🧑‍💻

Sept. 2019

With Pre-Seed funding🌱, Vika, Inc. is incorporated on Cayman Island with headquarters in Hong Kong.

Oct. 2020

Publish the APITable demo and receive seed funding🌟

Feb. 2021

Pre-Series A funding🥳 Announcing APITable-based, serving the Chinese market

Dec. 2021

The website has been published🤩

Nov. 2022

APITable Ltd. is incorporated in Canada🤗

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    What we believe— PAPER


    Putting ourselves in the position of the customer as a partner while having sufficient empathy to assist in the success of the customer.


    Focus on goals, pay attention to results, and speak with actions. Work output is not achieved overnight, but through multiple iterations, excellence, and continuous improvement.


    Be curious and innovative, strive to exceed expectations, have the courage to push boundaries, and have a relentless curiosity.


    Always be excited about the possibilities of new technology, eager to make the world a better place, open to and embracing all new things equally, freely, and actively, trusting partners and remaining optimistic about uncertainty.


    Don't be afraid to express yourself directly, be honest and open, and speak up for what you believe in. Cooperation on a win-win basis, speaks the truth.


    Achieve a more productive future

    APITable members strive to empower people, their teams, and their companies to access and manipulate databases and data in ways never possible before, helping you save countless hours every day.

    100% Remote

    We're a remote-first company, so you can maintain a healthy work-life balance.

    Open source company

    Through APITable's open source, which will change how we work, members will be able to build their profile and benefit from the community.

    Competitive salary and equity

    The APITable culture encourages fair and open opportunities for growth and offers a salary that is well above that of most of its competitors.


    Flexible options to define each individual's path to learning and growth.

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