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APITable is an API-oriented and easy-to-use visual database for everyone, making it the best open-source alternative to Airtable. Best of all, APITable has a cooler UI and more functionality that will optimize your work and life to a magical level.

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What use cases can APITable be used for?

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One central workspace for your IT team to easily collaborate with external and internal stakeholders while managing large projects and processes.

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Keep workflows running efficiently with automations, so you can monitor all of your ongoing campaigns in real-time.

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One-stop for planning, tracking and managing complex projects that span multiple teams and departments.

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Provide you with the experience of customized sales cycle, centralized customer management, automated sales process and many other links in one platform.

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Enable your R&D department to leverage a product tailor-made to your needs with the ability to work with other departments in the same platform.

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A tool which can be used to establish your staff development, recruitment process, personnel transfer and other multi-functional management systems.

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Collaborate in real-time, assign tasks and notify your teammates on status changes online, with which you can manage and track your operations effectively in one flexible workspace.

Boutique templates,
covering the whole business scenario

Project Management

Plan projects and manage tasks, dependencies, and milestones

Sales & Customers

Manage all of your sales work, accounts, contacts, and more

Product & design & UX

Build and manage product plans, roadmaps, research, and more


Create, track, and manage campaigns, content, and more


Plan and collaborate with students, teachers, and staff

HR & Recruiting

Manage employees, applicants, performance, and more

F e a t u r e s

APITable vs Airtable and all its peers

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Customizable View

7 types of views batteries included.
And you can extend more views by our API & SDK.

apitable vs airtable: customized view
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Infinite Cross Link

Unlike other Low Code Softwares, Apitable is not a "Base/App" structure. You can link unlimited and infinite tables in one space.

apitable vs airtable: infinite cross link
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Row Permissions

Activate Rows permissions in 1 click through our function called "Mirror"

apitable vs airtable: row permission
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One-Click API Panel

API is the first-class citizen in APITable.
You can summon the API power everywhere.

apitable vs airtable: better UI for API panel
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With all different kind of tools connected, you can optimize  your workflow solely base on your actual needs 

apitable vs airtable: automation
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BI Dashboard

Freedom "Dashboard" interface.You can easily create a BI system.

apitable vs airtable: bi dashboard


Why you need APITable instead?

Realtime Collaboration

Thousands users and 100k+ Data Rows real-time collaboration available.

Form Design

One-click auto-generated and extremely user-friendly Form

API - first

Full-stack API access, from Data to Metadata

Open Source

Have APITable forever free and code on it to suit your own needs.

Workflow Automation

Configure custom trigger-action workflows directly to save time from repetitive tasks

Unlimited Table Links

you can link unlimited tables on a single page without creating "Base/App"

Powerful Permissions

Columns / Rows / Files / Views can all be set with permissions as required by the role.

Extremely Extensible

Extend your APITable without limits with the customizable widget, dashboard, and automated bots, and more.

Tools that you can connect to

S t o r i e s

What our users say?

John Donavan Designer

APITable can use a view as a base to avoid other people getting in your other data. What an exciting

Wade Warren Software Engineer

Airtable cannot be suited for me such as rows exceed 50k, and get or create massive data through API but APITable can.

Robert Fox Product Manager

I cannot link between different bases in Airtable . But APITable can link unlimited table together. It's awesome when you get complex operations.

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